Day and Night Mug

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With the use of heat sensitive technology and detailed satellite imagery, you can watch the world turn from night to day while having your morning brew! Simply add hot liquid to activate the transformation (coffee's your best bet if you're looking to shake off your own sleep as you wake up the world!)

When the hot drink warms the mug, the world map slowly brightens into view, revealing accurate topography and a real-life representation of what the earth looks like from outer space. As the liquid cools, darkness descends again and the map slowly fades out, uncovering pin-pricks of light where the world's major cities are. As geography lessons go, this is way more fun than any we remember - and you get a refreshing cuppa to boot!

- Good quality mug
- Heat-sensitive technology
- As the liquid cools, detailed graphics reveal how the earth looks from space at different stages of the day
- Wake the whole world up with you!
- Not dishwasher or microwave safe


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