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Meet Intelino! Intelino is not just a normal train, it can be coded with colour snaps that you click onto the track. Each combination of colours will trigger a different action from the train. The action snaps empower tactile play. They are used to control the trains actions, such as steering, speed, movement, the magnetic wagon coupler and more. The smart train comes with 17 default action snap commands. This way of visual coding makes it simple and intuitive, even for students as young as three years old!

Need more control on your next programming challenge? You can create custom commands with the magenta snap combined with the Intelino app. Create a new command in the Snap Editor and load them onto the train. The possibilities are truly endless!

The Intelino app turns the students device into the trains dashboard with a range of remote control features and real-time feedback. And its Snap Editor lets you create custom action snap commands and achieve greater level of control over the train.

Built on futuristic design, powerful features, enhanced interactivity, programmability and updatable content. Thats why we say that it is the smartest toy train ever built.

The intelino track is built for fast action and smart play. It is durable, dual-sided and is easy to click together even for a 3-year-old. All track pieces have built-in slots for action snaps. The tracks design is carefully optimised for high-speed performance.

- LED Feedback Lights: 1 Colour and 4  white LED array on the top of the train illuminate as the train starts, stops, travels faster, and executes various other action
- The front colour sensor continuously scan the tracks looking for the colour action snaps while the train is moving in the forward direction
- Can be used with or without screen
- Runs on most wooden tracks, for extended play value
- 100+ min play time
- USB charging
- Bluetooth smart
- 30ft wireless range
- Up to 100cm/sec at top speed

1 x J-1 smart engine
1 x J-1 train wagon
20 x track pieces
40 x colour snaps
1 x train decal sheet
1 x micro USB cable

Ages: 3+


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